Ram Gopal | Blender of Indian classical dance with balletic choreography

An Indian classical dancer with a modernist creative flair Ram Gopal was able to find niche in the international dance arena. His portrayal of Hindu mytholical hero,Krishna with the famous British ballerina Dame Alicia Markova in London was mon of the important milestones in his dancing career as well as in the cultural history of India.

Bissano Ram Gopal OBE,was born on 20th November 1912 in Bangalore,India. He had a Burmuse and a Rajput father who was a barrister. They lived in a mansion called Torquay Castle. Drawn to dance early on in his life,he learned Kathakali from Guru Kunju Kurup and chandu Panickar.

Chitrasena | Doyen of modern Sri Lankan dance

At the young age of 15 he played the lead role of Siri Sangabo,the first Sinhala ballet produced and directed by his father Seebert Dias,the well_known actor,producer of the 20s and 30s and a luminary in the theatrical circles of the day.The talented youth was Amaratunga Arachige Maurice Dias and later known as Chitrasena,the doyen of modern sri Lankan dancing tradition.

      A pioneering dancer and choreographer Chitrasena,born on 28,January,1921,was internationally known for his work in establishing a modern Sri Lankan tradition of dance and popularizing traditional Sri Lankan dance forms worldwide.

Anna pavlova |One of the finest classical Ballet dancers in history

Arms folded,on tiptoe,she dreamily and slowly circled the stage. By even,gliding motions of the hands, returning to the background from whence she emerged, she seemed to strive toward the horizon,as though a moment more and she would fly__ exploring the confines of space with her soul.

      It was the most poignant scene from the popular ballet,portrayed by Anna pavlova,the Russian ballerina of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.