Sara Baras| An outstanding Flanmenco exponent

 She stood motionless and free of expression for the few moments of the song. As she began to feel the music,began a steady beat of loud hand clapping. As emotions began to build she started a passionate dance.The dance involved fierce stomping,sometimes got louder with percussion attachments on her shoes and graceful arm movements. It was Sara Pereyra Baras performing the flamenco dance which UNESCO has declared in 2010 as one of the "masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity".

Sara Baras is one of the internationally famous exponents of flamenco dance form which is a genre of Spanish music,song and dance form from Andalusia.

  She was born in San Fernando,Cadiz,Spain and was taught to dance by her mother,Concha Baras,who ran a dance school in Spain. Sara grew up in the same streets as her "artistic godfather",Camaron de la Isla,the singer she admired most and a man she would later pay tribute to,appearing in many performances in his honour.

       Her artistic break came when she joined Manuel Morao's Gitanos de Jerez,a company set up by the jerezano guitarist whose aim was to showcase new flamence talent from the province of Cadiz.

       In 1991 she went on tour with this company where she spent two months working at the Edward VII Theater in paris and after this,in 1992,she undertook six-month tour of Japan with the Seville born dancer Javier Baron.However,this period of her life was largely taken up by her work with Morao's Gitanos de Jerez and her next stop was the Expo 92 in Seville.

       She also perfprmed at this World Exhilbition accompanied by Manuel Morao in a show that was also showcased at the Town Hall Theater in New York.

       From here her career seemed to snowball and her participation in the tribute concert to the dance Antonio el Bailarin during the 1994 Bienal de Flamenco in Seville secured her popularity as one of the most promising new artistes on the flamenco circuit.

       Her newfound reputation was assured in the same year when she was awarded the Madrono Flamenco in Montellano (Seville) for deing the "Most outstanding artiste of the year". She became a regular performer at the summer flamenco festivals that are held throughout Andalucia and she also participated in the Bienal de la Danza de Lyon.

       She was also noticed by Merche Esmerlda,who realized her potential and hired her as guest dancer in her show Mujeres,and Sara Baras,who herself was already being called the "New Queen of Dance" by writers and critics,also perforned in front of the Queen of Spanin.

       As a also dancer,she took part in several tributes to Camaron de la Isla. In 1997,she started her own company,with which she closed the Festival Nacional de Cante de las Minas. The company's first shows included Sensaciones (1998) and Suenos (1999).


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